Raising ARPU for Carriers?

Carriers are now focusing on the lifestyles of their users in order to provide them with not only connectivity but also a portfolio of applications to support and enhance their digital lives. 

In higher GDP mobile markets such as the US, Canada and western Europe, consumers have become familiar with being offered free access to services such as Spotify or Netflix for a limited period as an incentive to sign up to a data plan. While the basic packages offered are similar, these add-ons are typically unique. However, these promotional offerings of overthe- top (OTT) services are not sustainable because of the additional cost they represent for carriers. 

Sign up and download our whitepaper where we discuss a new approach to address this problem by offering comparable value added services (VAS) at a radically lower price point and on a permanent basis. Such services should be offered at an incremental cost of as little as US$0.30 per month for a bundle of basic services. This price level is proven to address the issue of bundle churn, while stimulating data usage and increasing average revenue per user.

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