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What is the watermark when setting detailed user rights?

When you show a sample file to the person you want to share or prevent unauthorized theft or illegal copying and find the source or copy path of the original, check the Use Watermark
When the other person prints the image, the company name, user name, and date are imprinted.

Drag and drop does not work when used in Explorer.

When using the explorer web browser, the drag and drop function is restricted in the explorer itself, so it is recommended to use the chrome browser if you want the function.

Can I disable automatic logout when using on the web?

※ Log in to the administrator account → Settings → Corporate Settings tab → Uncheck user logout option

Can I return the uploaded file to the file before the update?

You can restore or download to the previous file through the versioning function.

※ Select a file → Click the clock icon on the right side of the PC screen → Click the return arrow after confirming the file to restore

I registered a user, but it is not displayed in the user list.

If the registered user is not visible in the user list, refresh (F5) to see it normally.



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