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What is the amount of download traffic provided per plan?

The download traffic capacity is up to 2.5 times the usage capacity provided by each plan.

(Excluding free account and slim plan)

What does the unlimited file size on the plan mean?

In the case of the slim plan and basic plan, when uploading files, only files of 2 GB or less can be uploaded. When uploading files of 2 GB or more, files can be divided and uploaded.

If you use a plan above the standard plan, you can upload and download regardless of the file size.

What should I do if the capacity is exceeded while using the plan?

After logging in with the administrator account, you can check the used capacity and remaining capacity on the home screen. When the capacity is exceeded, uploading is no longer possible, so contact the customer center to upgrade the plan.

Can I get a receipt for card payment?

Yes, you can get a separate receipt by logging in with your administrator account.

※ Log in to the administrator account → Settings → Change plan → Usage fee details → Click the receipt icon for the payment date

How do I pay?

There are two methods of payment: card payment and account transfer.

※ When paying by card
Log in to the administrator account → Settings → Change plan → Pay with Korean Card or Pay with Japanese Card → Update plan → Select plan and enter card information → Pay

※ Payment by bank transfer
Please email or call the customer center.

E-mail :
FAX :  +82-2-554-1887



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