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I want to use a PC client without taking up the capacity of the hard disk.

If you proceed with one-way synchronization, you can synchronize without taking up PC capacity.

※ Right-click the Cloud Dyke icon on the taskbar → Settings → General Settings tab → Check the Enable One-way Sync checkbox → Apply changes

What is I / O error when using a PC client?

Synchronization will proceed normally if you close the file you browsed due to an error that occurs while viewing or modifying the same file simultaneously with other users.

I created a shared folder and shared it with other users, but the shared folder is checked on the web of other users but it is not visible on the PC client.

After the PC client is installed, the shared folder is not automatically recognized by the PC client, so it must be manually added to the synchronization list to synchronize.

※ Right-click on the Cloudike icon on the task bar → Settings → Select sync folder tab → Check the added shared folder check box to sync → Apply changes

PC client login does not work.

※ Resolution
1. If it is not the latest version
-The PC client is updated in real time with the new version, but in some cases it has not been updated.
Please check the version and reinstall it with the new version.

2. When using the slim plan
-The PC client is not supported in the slim plan, and the PC client can be used from the basic plan.

3. When logging in and using multiple accounts on one PC
-Synchronization conflicts may occur when using multiple accounts on one PC, so it is recommended to use only one account per PC.

If a synchronization conflict occurs, delete the PC client from the control panel and then drive C → User or user folder → User name folder → Delete cloudike sync folders → Reinstall PC client

I installed the PC client and double-click the shortcut icon on the desktop. But, It does not run.

If the PC client is already running as a real-time program and clicking the shortcut icon does not respond, you can use the service by right-clicking on the PC Explorer or the Cloudike icon in the task bar.



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