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I want to cancel the service.

Please email or call the customer center.
E-mail :
FAX : F. +82-2-554-1887

I want to download an existing uploaded file after the expiration date, but what is the download period?

After the expiration of the period of use, you can download up to 2 weeks from the expiration date, and after 2 weeks, login will be blocked.

Is it possible to recover deleted files?

When files are deleted, they are primarily stored in the Recycle Bin and can be recovered from the Web Recycle Bin and PC Recycle Bin (when using a PC client).

However, it is not possible to recover files when the Recycle Bin is empty.

What web browsers support Cloudike?

Safari 7 or higher / Internet Explorer 10 or higher / MAC OS 10.6 or higher / Chrome is supported in all versions.
Our Cloudike is optimized for chrome, so you can use it more quickly and reliably.

Is it possible to allocate capacity for each user?

※ Log in to administrator account → Manage team members → Select user → click the quota update icon → specify the capacity to allocate → apply

Can an administrator check the user's activity log?

After logging in with the administrator account, you can check your log in the activity log menu, as well as users' file upload, move, delete, update, etc. logs.

※ Admin account login → Settings → Activity log

Can I make only specific IP available to the web and PC clients?

※ Admin account login → Team member management → User selection → Click the detailed permission icon → Allow IP restriction check → Apply

Can it be used abroad?

It can be used abroad, and can be used anywhere in the Internet.

Speed may vary depending on the overseas Internet environment or personal PC environment.



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