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Enterprise Cloud (SaaS)

If stored data is difficult to access, work becomes very inefficient.
Cloudike has a wide range of capabilities purpose-built to boost business productivity.

Main Function


Dashboard Access all the information you need from one page

Our expertly designed user interface lets you seamlessly navigate through your files, recent user activity, storage quotas and much more. Intuitive UI means less time searching, and more time being productive. Personalize your company's dashboard and create your own, unique workspace.
  • Main Dashboard
  • Activity log

Ransomware Blocking and File Recovery

Cloudike operates on HTML5 and is stored securely over web, effectively safeguarding your files from ransomware. Additionally, if a file synchronized to your PC is infected with ransomware, you can restore the file to its previous, non-infected state.

Robust Security Features

Your Data Security is our top priority. Cloudike offers unique security features such as AES255, VDR, and cryptographic drives, also providing comprehensive user-specific permission settings to prevent leakage of internal documents.
  • Permission Settings
  • Read / Modify
  • Link sharing

Real-time Synchronization

Cloudike's patented RapidSync™ technology allows for true real-time file synchronization between all your devices. Take your workspace anywhere with our Windows, Mac, iOS and Android clients. Have the freedom of accessing and working on your files offline - Cloudike will automatically update them when you're back online. (*Patent No. 10-1939199 Device synchronization system with a local device as a terminal)
  • File Synchronization
  • Offline status

User Results

Cloudike boosts productivity, reduces overhead costs, and lets you focus on getting things done.

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    Seamless Integration with your current workspace. Our easy-to-operate UI guides even the most inexperienced users.
    Access stored data anytime, anywhere from any device, including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.
    Simple, secure, and robust file sharing options to smoothen communication.
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    Store your data on encrypted, secure servers separate from your company, protecting data from ransomware and virus exposure.
    Prevent leakage of your valuable data assets with comprehensive file sharing settings.
    Instant recovery based on file recovery policies in case files are lost.
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    Delivers industry leading services at a competitive price compared to third-party offerings.
    Unique and customizable pay-by-storage packages gives you the freedom to get exactly what you need.
    Cloudike's packages do not charge per user, meaning that it will cost less to scale, not more.

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