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Still worried about data security? The most secure cloud service
on the market

An in-house cloud deployed on your own infrastructure with
certified security features, such as ransomware recovery and
data leakage prevention. With multiple layers of authentication,
fully encrypted HTTPs, APIs, and AES-128 encryption,
Cloudike lets you be confident about your data security.
Trust Cloudike to protect and securely share your important data.

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What is an installable cloud?

Unlike subscription-based, externally hosted cloud solutions, an installable cloud is deployed directly on the customer's server.

  • Customized Service

    Depending on the needs of your business or brand, Cloudike can be customized and optimized with unique features such as unique menus and two-factor authentication, as well as complete customization of the UI's appearance. These additional features and customizations carry forward on all clients, be it mobile, browser, Mac or PC.

  • Affordable Price

    Our proprietary technology coupled with our skilled technicians allows us to offer an extremely competitive price-point compared to other solutions. Additionally, our expertise means your tailor-made solution can be deployed quickly (1months).

  • Secure Data Management

    Cloudike logs and manages file changes by user and by version, meaning that you can recover previous versions of your files if they are compromised. Our triple backup system ensures that you have complete accessibility and control over your data.

  • Easy System Integration

    Cloudike runs on streamlined API, making it easy to integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

Effect of Introduction

  • Reduce costs

    Easy to operate open-source backend and reliable, external backup systems mean that you spend less managing your infrastructure.

  • Security

    Cloudike's features are optimized for businesses, providing detailed permissions settings such as watermarking, download and print limits or restrictions, and IP blocking. A comprehensive activity log and intuitive features allows your company to easily manage its security.

  • Increased productivity

    Our true real-time file synchronization is available on all major operating systems and devices, allowing you to collaborate anytime, anywhere.



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